Surprisingly good ones.

By Scott Mason

The horror genre is cautionary. Our anxieties are subjected to a Jack-the-Ripper-esque stabbing. These fears are almost always the result of our own follies as humans. …

How did I become the over-analyst I am?

By Scott Mason

If I ever had a third parent, it was the local Blockbuster Video inventory. I’d probably rented one quarter of the movies they loaned out before Netflix gave them their coup de grace. I also confess that I was…

And what I intend to do about it.

By Scott Mason

I find most self-gratitude blog posts tedious. I’m talking about the ones that assume you’ve done something worthy of being proud of recently or ones that tell you to lie to yourself about your current state of affairs. I’m…

Over 65 Years and it’s still relevant.

By Scott Mason

As a child, my parents made sure that I knew my support network at a very young age. I mean the people I could reach out to if my family was unable to react in time. While analyzing Charles Laughton’s…

Why parents should be slightly oppressive on BA majors.

By Scott Mason

Dialogue is always better than terror when it comes to effective parenting. You aren’t going to shape a child into an honest adult if you force him or her to lie about what they are watching on TV…

The first time someone I knew died young.

By Scott Mason

I can’t claim that there are a lot of people who provided a jolt in one direction or another throughout the course of my personal history. I can’t say many of them were able to acomplish it for the…

Do scientologists even have Google?

By Scott Mason

I have been taking twice as many showers every day for the past week. This is not how I wanted to rekindle my post-covid/pre-delta variant event-going habits. I am furious that my time was wasted and my trust as an attendee was…

I’m eager for a tougher trail to blaze.

By Scott Mason

I don’t have time to look over this blog just to pinpoint how many times I’ve mentioned my ulnar nerve injury. I’ll probably mention it a little bit less given how well it’s healed up. Last weekend I decided…

No one has the right to judge you for caution, especially now

By Scott Mason

I’ll be brutally honest about myself

I’m not the original Greek Bronze statue of “the Discobolus of Myron” or any of its marble Roman copies. I’m not even the Hellenistic Bronze “Boxer at Rest” with…

Or launching primaries against him.

By Scott Mason

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has once again thrown a wrench into the democratic agenda. However, this time is different. West Virginia’s democratic senator has once again, for the sake of bipartisan optics has chosen to vote against a bill that would expand…

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