Or launching primaries against him.

By Scott Mason

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) has once again thrown a wrench into the democratic agenda. However, this time is different. West Virginia’s democratic senator has once again, for the sake of bipartisan optics has chosen to vote against a bill that would expand access to voting, simplify the process of voting with an absentee ballot, take election map drawing out of the hands of state legislatures, beef up election security, revamp campaign finance laws and make it safer to travel to the polls without fear of harassment from local rogue poll watchers. Yet…

Being bad at something still causes road blocks in accepting spaces.

By Scott Mason

I’m not the most athletic person you’d meet by any means. I’ve begun to take strength training, cardio, stretches and maximizing the power of protein seriously ever since my ulnar nerve problems began this previous summer. Last month I got the okay to play sports I’ve thought about lately. Last weekend I chose a pickup volleyball Meetup. There were three problems when it came to blending in on the court. One was that my right arm is still weak. Two was that my muscle memory needed…

Care to join me?

By Scott Mason

There’s hope! My parents recently got the coronavirus vaccine. It’s too soon to say if we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t look like kids will be getting it before summer. I am a moderately healthy male. I’m not a healthcare worker. I know I’m near the back of the line so this is still a long way off. However, through my tribulations during the pandemic and my ulnar nerve damage recovery, I have devised a list of bands I’ll be seeing live the moment the chance…

Laugh all you want at my disappointment.

By Scott Mason

What was I thinking?

You might be thinking, “what could the blunder referenced in the title possibly be?” Did I get viciously beaten to pulp in a mosh pit? No. Did I make a fool of myself in front of Dave Vanian of The Damned, Mark Arm of Mudhoney? I’d never be that lucky to have the chance. Did I have a moment of heartbreak with a friend or complete stranger? No, but that was certainly part of my problem that night.

I was seeing The Electric Six live at The Bowery Ballroom during…

I feel like a different species on this subject.

Scott Mason

The last time I got into walking I was vigilant about it for roughly six months. Every day, two or three and I’d go for at least three miles within 39 minutes. I upgraded to six in double the daily duration by the end. I lifted dumbells every two days to give myself some rest. Every step of the way I never had such a physically sleepy or unproductive point in my adult life. The strain while pursuing a career was what got me to drop it last time…

Beyond the Recent Attack on the Capital

By Scott Mason

It’s only been a week since January, 6th 2021 and fire is still coming out of my ears. My love for my country is unorthodox but it’s still undeniably there. I acknowledge our repulsive sense of self-importance. We have flaws and sweeping them under the rug from generation to generation is malpractice as a citizen or resident. I am willing to admit that we are not the greatest nation on Earth and I don’t think symbolic icons have any effect on patriotism. They merely serve as cheat sheets for the…

It’s amazing how much can change about you from one injury.

By Scott Mason

The past half year has been a time full of things I’d have considered to only be possible far off into the future up until now. I’m not talking about how Trump became the 2nd most voted for candidate in history. I saw that coming. I’m talking about my own capabilities as a fairly healthy 32-year-old-male. I thought it would be decades before I had trouble opening most jars. I didn’t think I’d spill most of my beverages until much further down the line. The biggest…

My injured hand ensured that my only responsible priority is to heal up.

By Scott Mason

It’s good to be back on Medium. I just wish it was under better circumstances. This pandemic has been hard on all of us to some degree. I’m not a healthcare worker or an employee of an industry that has had to shut its doors for the public good of stopping the spread of covid-19. I’m not married, I don’t have kids and I’m not a college student with his education plans stuck in limbo. Yet this is a time for professional and personal…

The mob has spoken and Atlus Co might be ready to dismantle cross-platform protectionism.

By Scott Mason

I do not write about video games often. I’m not a diehard gamer. Japanese RPGs to an even greater extent but the drop-of-a-hat release and the subsequent role-out performance of a dated classic is nothing short of a newsworthy good omen. Not just because the “Persona Titles” and all their sister franchises are amazing games. This is a big deal because of what it could mean in the near future. There are a lot of reasons to suspect that the business strategy for…

Akira Kurosawa’s retelling of one of the bard’s most notorious play shows how “Macbeth” really was an Elizabethan horror story.

By Scott Mason

I’m not the most well versed shakespearean scholar. I can give you the gist of most of the tragedies, english king plays and some of the comedies. What I can say is that “Macbeth” is a very unique breed of animal. Some of the tragedies are very down to earth. “King Lear” and “Titus Andronicus” are very realistic. Little to no supernatural elements can be found in those plays. “Hamlet” pretty much limits itself with the ghost…

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